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The Lumbar Spine: Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy: Vol 1 & Vol 2

When Robin McKenzie’s Lumbar Spine: Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy was first published in 1981, it was greeted with scepticism by the medical fraternity and occasionally with ridicule. Since then much has changed in the world of spinal care and the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® is now one of the most studied diagnostic and treatment systems for musculoskeletal pain in the world; has since received international recognition and acclaim; is taught and practised by medical professionals globally and might legitimately be described as the prototype for the ideal non-invasive self-management treatment protocols as promulgated in National Clinical Guidelines.

This 2nd revised edition by McKenzie and May explores in depth, among other aspects, the non-specific syndromes first described by Robin McKenzie – derangement, dysfunction and postural – expanded and updated, the epidemiology of back pain, the structure and function of the disc, disc pathology and new patho-biomechanic data, together with a comprehensive review of related entities, such as zygapophysial joint pain and the sacro-iliac joint. In addition to an extensive examination of clinical reasoning and serious spinal pathology it also offers a compendious review of all literature pertaining to the lumbar intervertebral disc and an honest appraisal of the mass of literature pertaining to the McKenzie system, in particular. Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy has always placed the patient at the centre of therapeutic engagement and this is reinforced by discussion of the management and involvement of the patient to the fullest extent. Because of its comprehensive, contemporary and detailed nature, this book provides an authoritative text that is essential reading for all health professionals involved in the treatment and management of lumbar and related pain.



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