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The Original McKenzie® Back Support Night Roll

Back Pillow For Sleeping

The Original McKenzie® Back Support Night Roll is the perfect pillow for back pain. Be supported while you sleep or rest.

If you suffer from lower back pain when lying down, or if your back is worse when you wake up, you should use an Original McKenzie® Back Support Night Roll. The Night Roll ties comfortably around your waist or can be pinned to the bedsheets to support your lower back and prevent strain that unfavourable sleeping positions or inadequate sleep surfaces can cause.

A removable, washable cover is included.

Suited For

People who suffer from lower back pain, particularly when lying down or upon waking up. Waists measuring 80 – 95 cm (M) or 95 – 110 cm (L)


MEDIUM 90cm Night Roll = 900mm (length) x 100mm (diameter)
LARGE 105cm Night Roll = 1050mm (length) x 100mm (diameter)
Foam: Polyurethane open cell flexible foam
Density: Medium
Cover: White cotton
Straps: Medium = Tie. Large = Tie or Velcro

IMPORTANT: due to hygiene reasons, used Rolls are non-returnable.


Please go to our ‘Which Roll Is For Me’ Page to help you make a decision in choosing the right roll for you.

12 reviews for The Original McKenzie® Back Support Night Roll

  1. Joe Stennett

    Trying to sleep became a torture, I only got in a couple hours between Ibuprofen tablets. This roll immediately eliminated the problem. I had tried various pads and rolled towels, but they did not help much. The roll is not perfect. I am at the upper limit of the waist size and I find it difficult to secure properly. I added a set of parachute fasteners and that worked better than tying a bow knot. In my case I have stopped tying the roll. I just lay it across the bed and hope I will not roll off during the night. That usually works and, when I do roll off, I usually wake enough to get back on before pain starts.

  2. Denise

    I use a night roll myself due to chronic back issues. If I don’t use it at night, I can barely get out of bed in the morning. I recommend it for all of my patients who experience night pain or pain in the morning. The roll works nicely to support the natural lumbar curve of the lumbar spine in supine or when lying on your side. The tie in the front allows you to sleep on your belly too. I personally move all night long and the roll works well in all positions.

  3. Hugh Murray

    Great Tool. This allows the patient with the difficult / unstable derangement to sleep. We must remember that if you fix the day first with posture correction / supportive roll and reductive movements then there may not be the need for the night roll. The Night Roll Works and is great for the back problem that frequently wakes you.

  4. Megan Hughes

    I have a herniated lumbar disc that has been acutely bothering me lately, so I thought I would give this a try in addition to performing the McKenzie Method stretches. I also purchased new McKenzie lumbar rolls for my car and work chair (I used to just use rolled up towels). While the lumbar rolls definitely help, I have noticed no difference in the pain when I wake up after using the night roll. I woke up stiff. I ordinarily sleep on my back with a pillow under my knees, and sometimes with a cold pack under my lower back. I think I will just continue to use those things and do my stretches.

  5. Matthew A.

    Despite its purpose, pretty annoying to sleep with tied on and a little too long for a shared bed to just lay on as it encroaches on partners side. Still worth a try depending on your individual back issues and recovery needs.

  6. Carol H.

    It works fine, so I am sleeping better.

  7. Crystal

    This is actually very thick and hard and quite uncomfortable. Tried to get used to it but it ended up making my sciatica a lot worse. It is however quite comfortable for side sleeping. Wish they made a smaller, softer version

  8. Jenny H.

    So far so good. I have a double scoliosis and this supports me while I sleep. My osteopath has commented that my lower back is much freer than usual.

  9. Kristien

    Extremely hard, doesn’t soften even with body heat. Makes my back condition worse. Can’t use it. Very disappointed, I had hoped it would help me sleep at night but just the opposite has happened.

  10. Anonymous

    This back support roll allowed for a completely pain free night after very painful and sleepless first night after disk displacement incident .. very effective if you select the right size.

  11. Robert Durant

  12. Irene Ingram

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